Phil Monk - The Artist

Phil Monk Artist Phil Monk Drawings Phil Monk Drawings Phil Monk Drawings Phil Monk Drawings Phil Monk Drawings Phil Monk Drawings Phil Monk Drawings

Born in Gloucestshire in 1946, Phil was educated at The Royal Masonic School in Hertfordshire and then at the age of 16 he was accepted to study sculpture at the Southampton College of Art from. In 1962 he attended Ravensbourne College of Art and Design where he graduated with a BA Honours degree in Fine Art. 

From 1967 to 1979 Phil went on to teach and became Head of Art at the Christopher Wren School in London, and then became Director of Art at the prestigious Byanston School in Dorset.

In addition to Phil's experience as an artist and teacher, Phil also established an excellent career in photography and from 1979 to 1985 he became a successful freelance fashion photographer based at the Kings Road Studio in London.

In 1985 he moved to Wales where he founded and became the director of The Photographic School at Hendry House.

Following this he set up the renowned photographic studio, Zone III, in Bath, where he ran photographic courses and focused more on his studio and commercial photography, developing his body of personal work. 

In 1991, due to his excellent work and long-standing reputation for originality and technical skill, Phil was awarded a fellowship from the prostigious Royal Photographic Society, an additionally he became a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photographers. In February 1993 his fellowship panel of work was exhibited at the Royal Photographic Society and he lectured around the world on his work. 

In 1999 Phil moved to the South of France in order to set up an artist’s studio where he created a large body of highly original work which ranged from drawings, paintings, sculpture and collage inspired by his Mediterranean setting. He exhibited his work in a number of galleries in the South of France, both in one-man and group shows. 

In 2014 he returned to the UK in order to set up his latest studio in Market Haborough, which is where he currently works and resides as an artist.